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ITS Standards have been developed for many of the architecture flows in the National ITS Architecture. Click on the standard(s) to view the architecture flows and their communication requirements. More...

NTCIP 2104 Ethernet Subnetwork Profile
A subnetwork profile that defines requirements for the data link and physical layers of a communications stack. It specifies the rules and procedures for using the IEEE Link Layer Control (802.2) and Media Access Control (802.3) protocols over coaxial, twisted pair, or fiberoptic media. The intent is to provide an interoperability standard for transportation-related devices that communicate over local area network (LAN) interfaces. (Formerly TS 3.SP-Ethernet)
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For more information on how to obtain standards: Phone: N/A
Jointly approved and published NTCIP standards are available for free download for 12 months through FHWA-sponsored special offer. More information is available at: Phone: 877-413-5184 Phone: 202-289-0222 ext. 130

Current Published Version: Version 1, Published in Feb 2006

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